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All of our servers are setup with very strict settings to help assist in fighting spam. All incoming email is filtered against RBL (black lists) that are updated daily, therefore, any sending email server that is listed on those lists are automatically blocked preventing email being sent from those servers from ever reaching our server. Although we have these settings in place, spammers are very aggressive and constantly move their efforts from server to server making this a never ending battle.

In addition to these settings, we have also disabled all email aliases, restricting incoming email to only email accounts that exist inside your account.

In addition to the above settings, if you find that you are still receiving an over abundance of spam (50 to 100s a day), at your request we can enable additional Spamassassin rules on your account. Beware that when these rules are enabled it is possible that good email will not be received, the best way to do this is for us to enable the least amount of rules and go from there. Submit the Support Request Form if you would like for us to enable these rules.

In addition to the above, there are steps you can take to cut back on the amount of spam you receive which are outlined below:

1. Avoid using common email addresses such as webmaster, support, info, sales, your first name, etc. Spammers automate common email addresses into their spamming software. Instead, create uncommon email addresses such as,,,,, etc. Creating and using email addresses such as these are uncommon and less likely to make it to spammers spamming software or spamming lists.

3. Never lists your email addresses on your website in plain html or text. Spammers send out robots daily that fish websites for any email addresses listed throughout a sites pages and places those email addresses on mailing lists. There are several free scripts on the web that will encrypt your email addresses and will provide you with code to place on your site instead that will still make your email address available to your visitors but invisible to spambots.

4. We have Microtrend Internet Security installed on all of our desktop and laptop computers. Microtrend's antispam software that comes with their package is a great tool for blocking unwanted email. It allows us to quickly and easily mark and block any spam that makes it through their already installed filters as well as mark and unblock any email that is caught by their filters that is not spam.

5. Finally, all web hosting only users do have the option to enable Spamassassin inside the email manager of their Control Panels. We do not use this ourselves because the above methods trim our spam sufficiently enough that we deal with very little, but we do have many users that do choose to enable it. If you choose to do so as well, follow the link inside the email manager for Spamassassin and you will find a link on that page for their support manual that will provide you with instructions for configuring the settings so that it works efficiently for you.

None of us will ever be able to completely eliminate spam and submitting spam complaints to the various databases hurts those of us that hate spam more than it hurts the spammer. The only true way to eliminate spam from our lives is to not utilize email. However, by following the steps above, you can eliminate a tremendous amount of it and prevent it from ever reaching your inbox.

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