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This is the domain name currently hosted on our servers, not necessarily the domain name you are renewing.
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Your response will be sent here. Please insure that your spam blocks are setup to receive email from, or it is possible that our response to you will be sent to your spam folder therefore, you will not receive our response.
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This is the domain name you want renewed.
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ICANN now requires all contact information for any domain registration to be accurate and verifiable. They have implemented a system which verifies contact information and in the event it can not be verified they have the right to take possession of your domain name. Because domain registrations are public knowledge, your information is viewable to the world. Bulk Register now offers Private Registrations which will hide your information from public knowledge, therefore when a whois is performed on your domain name, Bulk Register's information will appear as the contacts, hiding you from spammers, telemarketers, and other individuals with bad intent who mine the whois database collecting your information.
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Select only 1 year if choosing Auto Renewal below.
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By selecting Yes for Auto Renewal we will set your domain registration up for auto renewal each year for as long as you are a hosting client and we will automatically bill your current billing method on file 2 weeks prior to renewal date for renewal fee as selected above.


            All clients must agree to the following policies before continuing. If you do not agree, do not continue.

           BULK REGISTER / ICANN REGISTRATION AGREEMENTS: (view in separate window)

I Agree To And Understand That I Am Bound By The Above Policies as Outlined By Bulk Register LLC and ICANN.

           THE REAL ESTATE HOST REGISTRATION AGREEMENT: (view in separate window)

I Agree To And Understand That I Am Bound By The Above Domain Registration Agreement as Outlined By The Real Estate Host.

          THE REAL ESTATE HOST TERMS OF SERVICE & USE POLICIES: (view in separate window)

I Agree To And Understand That I Am Bound By The Above Terms of Service and Use Policies as Outlined By The Real Estate Host.

Please review this form for accuracy before submitting. For security purposes, your remote address and user agent are traced through submission.

By submitting this form you authorize The Real Estate Host to charge the current billing method on file for your account for the registration fee you have indicated above.

NOTE: BLUEINKIT.COM will be the name that will appear on your credit card/banking statement.

NOTE: We DO NOT refund fees for domain registrations - please verify your entries before continuing.

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