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I understand that bandwidth is calculated from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month and that my account is likely to exceed its permitted bandwidth by the end of the current month. I am submitting this request to purchase the additional bandwidth needed in order to keep my account active and to authorize The Real Estate Host to charge my current billing method on file for the following bandwidth.

Please enter the total amount of bandwidth you are purchasing in full gig increments only and then enter the total cost for the bandwidth, this is the amount that we will charge to your current billing method on file upon our receipt of this form.

Total Bandwidth: gig(s) X $5.00 per gig = $ (your credit card will be charged this amount)


            All clients must agree to the following policies before continuing. If you do not agree, do not continue.

          THE REAL ESTATE HOST TERMS OF SERVICE & USE POLICIES: (view in separate window)

I Agree To And Understand That I Am Bound By The Above Terms of Service and Use Policies as Outlined By The Real Estate Host.

Upon submission of this form the bandwidth will be added to your account within 10 minutes to 4 hours and your current billing method processed for payment.

NOTE: BLUEINKIT.COM will be the name that will appear on your credit card/banking statement.

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